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October 7, 2014

At the beginning of August 2014  a London-based artist, Erica Scourti has contacted me regarding using one of my images in her video project, which to be shown at The Photographer’s Gallery in London.

“Working in collaboration with online communities, Scourti sets out to make sense of a visual culture dominated by the sharing and streamlining of personal snapshots via social media channels. Is it possible to maintain individuality, or even be creative in an arena where everyone’s photos look pretty much the same? 

To answer this question, Scourti fed a personal archive of photographs, love letters, flyers and other memorabilia into Google’s Search By Image engine, which were matched to other photographs with similar visual footprints. By entering into a creative exchange with their authors, Scourti tackles what value and originality a snapshot might have, once it’s been absorbed into a larger cloud of image data.”  – read more about project on

Why not, I agreed right away and gave Scourti a free hand in choosing picture. For her project, Scourti chose photograph which was taken by me in 2012, during the punk festival in Blackpool, The Rebellion Festival.


An interview with Erica Scourti talking about her project.



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