Passions of Adam Kaczor. It was all about showing
beauty of the sport armwrestling, spirit of it, respect and dedication.

Shooting at an events, in a studio, in a Spartan Gym and in a Preston Panthers Armwrestling Club.


Armwrestling is one of the oldest combat sports, which already existed in the times of the Pharaohs as entertainment for men, as a form of sporting competition to establish dominance between to fighting men, as evidenced by engravings on the walls of the Pyramids.

In this form, the sport existed until the twentieth century. As an organized sport, armwrestling occurred in the 50s of last century. In the city of Petaluma, California, USA, was organized one of the first armwrestling tournaments, which later adopted the status of the World Championships. By the end of the 1980’s, events began to be organised in Europe. The popularity of the sport grew with national federations joining to form an official European body – the European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) – and world body – the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF).

Armwrestling associate with the strength, which of course in the sport is indispensable to defeat the opponent but, in the fight on the table, technique plays an important part, upon which you have to work for years, requiring a lot of sacrifice and dedication. For people who love armwrestling, this is something more than just a sport, it is a way of life; a great passion. You have it in you or you do not have it.

Such a man is Adam Kaczor. Every free moment in his life is dedicated to armwrestling, which overnight became his great passion. Daily, before work at 6:30 am, he goes to the gym, where for about 90 minutes he works on his endurance and strength. Each Monday, he works on his technique at the armwrestling club, Preston Panthers, where under the guidance of his coach, Keith Taylor he prepares for tournaments and professional fights (supermaches).

The second passion of Adam is cooking, which he does for a living; working as a chef in Heathcote & Co at Bolton Wanderers stadium. Adam’s motto is; “If you like what you do, you never really work, and that’s how I feel in my job.”

In Adam’s life occurred turbulence. As he says; once was a ‘bad boy’, but this part of life he has already long behind him. Now his close relatives and his two passions filled in each day, without which it is difficult for him to imagine further life.