December 23, 2019


‘ParaARM: One Sport – One Stage’ is the first ever photo exhibition devoted to the sport of armwrestling.

After two weeks being presented in Rumia, Poland (28 Nov-14 Dec),
the exhibition moved to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev., starting a world tour.

On 21-22 December 2019 it was presented in The MUSEUM OF ACHIEVEMENT OF KLITSCHKO BROTHERS.


Para-Armwrestling (ParaARM) is the official name of armwrestling for athletes with a disability, approved in 2015 by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

The exhibition “ParaARM: One Sport – One Stage” presents 15 photographs that were taken by Tomasz Wisniowski during the 2018 Armwrestling World Cup for the Disabled in Rumia, Poland. The originator and organizer of the annual World Cup for the Disabled, Anna Mazurenko, invited Tomasz to the competition to document the event.

Strength, focus, pride, determination, emotions and endurance – all this in complex visual narratives is captured in a clear manner in Tomasz’s photography. Tomasz turns his lens towards para-armwrestling, managing to isolate split-second moments of unforgettable fights. The result – a visual saga that escapes categorization. Photographs are simultaneous portraits of incredibly strong individuals and records of exciting competitions, all with the clear intention of emphasizing the intensity of this sport.

Para-armwrestling pushes the categories and limits of strength, expanding the scope of its understanding. Governed by strict rules, the sport involves technique and discipline; beyond their disabilities, athletes find a space of possibility and control; an environment where they come to discover their strength and measure it against others, as they assert their confidence and physical and mental resistance. 


Exhibition organized by Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion in cooperation with Professional Armwrestling League of Ukraine

Sponsor: Corleonis Company



photo: Elena Kuzmych / Lyubov Malysheva




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