December 27, 2016

Several photographs from visit in Dubai during the Xmas time, 2016.
Shots from the place; The Burj Khalifa, The Deira Fish Market, Jumeirah Beach, Marina, Bay, Palm Jumeirah and The Burj Al Arab.



20161220-DSC_8354 20161220-DSC_8370 20161220-DSC_8379


20161220-DSC_8358 20161220-DSC_8357 20161220-DSC_8392

20161223-DSC_8585 20161223-DSC_8509 20161223-DSC_8514 20161223-DSC_8543

20161223-DSC_8590 20161222-DSC_8483 20161222-DSC_8487 20161222-DSC_8493 20161222-DSC_8496 20161222-DSC_8497 20161222-DSC_8505

20161222-DSC_8477 20161222-DSC_8465 20161221-DSC_8457 20161224-DSC_8604 20161224-DSC_8614 20161224-DSC_8650 20161224-DSC_8708

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1 Comment

  • just amazing as always!!!love them all and happy 40th birthday what an amazing place to re-visit they are just so inspiring x

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