TOMASZ WISNIOWSKI holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the Lancaster University. He specialises in action sports photography. Through his works include portrait, editorial, travel, and documentary.

PASSIONATE ABOUT ARMWRESTLING since 2010, Wisniowski has shot at several trainings, seminars and events such as; ARM WARS, Zloty Tur World Cup, X-MEN or BAF Nationals. For him armwrestling has so many levels the creative possibilities are endless.

MASCULINITY. In his work, Wisniowski turns towards the world of sports today to explores masculinity as constructed through some of the current labels attached to it. Physical strength, fitness, relentlessness and where do bias and stereotypes end and where does accuracy begin?



2017 / Eclectic / 5th Base Gallery / London

2017 / Buzz / Media City / Manchester

2017 / Buzz / B&FC University Centre / Blackpool




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